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Global Football America (GFA) is a full-service consultancy dedicated to bringing global soccer to the USA and helping American brands reach soccer markets abroad.  

About us

In partnership with Managed Digital & MLPR, GFA offers clients a full suite of development services, world-class PR/social media support and innovative strategy consulting to ensure that football clubs, merchandisers & other rightsholders support and engage American fans and customers. 

GFA’s list of clients includes football clubs in the top European leagues, tech companies developing next generation soccer offerings and American brands seeking leverage the global popularity of soccer for their brands.

From our beautiful offices in Los Angeles, CA, we provide a suite of services for our football club partners including:

US sponsorship sales
and activation
Digital development
and product management
Direct-to-consumer and
wholesale merchandise fulfillment
US-specific merchandise design
and manufacture
PR and social media campaign
design and management
US-specific membership and
registration schemes
International and domestic travel
and event planning services



P: +1 (424) 259 3202
E: M: 578 Washington Blvd. Suite 699
Marina del Rey, CA 90202